"Asylum seekers and third states’ citizens in the view of European Union law and european convention of human right".

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  • Mr Jean-Marc Sauvé, Vice-President of the Council of State of France and President of ACA-Europe

First round table: "The difficulties encountered by the Supreme Administrative jurisdictions when applying the European rules on immigration and asylum"

Second round table: "The terms of processing individual decisions by the administrative jurisdictions in the case of alien law litigation"

  • Mr Dirk VANHEULE, Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Antwerp, Professor of Law University of Antwerp, Advocate
  • Mme Eliska CIHLAROVA, Judge, Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech republic
  • Mr Francis DELAPORTE, Vice-President, Administrative Court of Luxembourg
  • Mr Jacek CHLEBNY, Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland, President of the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw


  • Mr Christian VIGOUROUX, President of the home affairs department, Council of State of France


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