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A seminar organised by ACA-Europe and the Supreme Court of Ireland on ‘How our Courts Decide: The Decision-making Processes of Supreme Administrative Courts’ was held in Dublin on the 25th and 26th March 2019.  Before the seminar, more than 30 of the delegates availed of the opportunity to observe a hearing of an administrative law case in the Supreme Court of Ireland.

Over 40 members of Supreme Administrative Courts and Councils of State from 28 countries in Europe then gathered in the historic setting of Dublin Castle to discuss the processes and practices they each follow in reaching their decisions. The seminar was a companion seminar to that which will be hosted by the Federal Administrative Court of Germany on the topic of ‘Functions of and Access to Supreme Administrative Courts’ in May 2019. The sessions concerning various specific aspects of the decision-making practices of Supreme Administrative Courts and Councils of State allowed participants to compare and contrast the approaches taken in their own institutions and gain a better understanding of the processes of institutions in other ACA member and Observer institutions.

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