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The beginning of a word is enough, there must be a space between two words and unnecessary words can be omitted. Example : "origin goods" for "origin of the goods".
Date of the decision

For an interval of dates click "until"
Name of parties or registration number
Examples : Smith, Smith John, X ZR 134/00
Title (name of the court, type of decision, ...)
Examples : Cour de cassation, Raad van State, Landesarbeitsgericht
National provision
Examples : Loi 29/07/1991, Decreto legge 14/09/1993, Nomos 3614/1928
State in which the decision has been given

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Language of the original decision

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Treaty concerned by the decision

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Provision of European Union law

Examples : EEC Treaty 177, Regulation 804/68, Directive 76/207
in CELEX format:
Examples : 11957E030, 31968R1612, 61998J0023
CELEX matter
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Matters used in the CELEX system for European Union law
Index mark
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Systematic codes corresponding to the keywords

Example : unfair competition
Provision of international conventions and treaties

Example : rights child

Judgement of the Court
Date or number of the case
Examples : 15/06/1999, C-321/97
Document number of the preliminary reference to the Court
Examples : C1997/0321/J, C2002/0042/J

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